Process-Mining made simple for all kinds businesses.

Find the values in your process data and get real benefit out of it.

Our mission - Process Mining for everyone

We uncover optimization opportunities - technology-independent, resource-saving and extremely efficient.

We believe that high quality does not necessarily have to have a high price, but first and foremost a fair price.

We guarantee you full cost transparency from the beginning to the end of the project.


Everything you need to see what happens in your processes

Find the digital footprints of business critically business processes and visualize these as-is processes directly in Microsoft Power BI. Discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies such as manual tasks and understand where they come from.

Direct benefits for your business

Process Visibility

See your processes how they are in real life. Not Business Process Models - just plain and unfiltered.

Continuous Improvement

Improve your processes by based on the gained insights and with the experience of our business process consultants.

Improved ROI

The time and money you will save through the process analysis will have a very short time until the return-on-invest.

Easy Conformance Checks and Audit Compliance

Compare your target or reference processes with your event log data. Find deviations and if your business runs compliant.

Increase operational excellence

From insight to optimization. Discover bottlenecks and unnecessary manual tasks. Get better, everyday.

Increased customer and employee experience

Long duration, unnecessary loops and manual tasks cause dissatisfaction. Make your clients and employees happy again.

Get started today

You want to gain more insight in your business processes and learn what really happens in your business?

Value - as the name suggests

Our Customer Promise

Quick Insight

We change the way you look at your processes. Very quickly. Visualize and analyze your actual business processes in an intuitive interface.

Low effort

We do the job. You determine the level of detail.

Optimal Efficiency

Get to the bottom of inefficient processes. Identify & close your cost traps. Uncover weak points and unwanted process loops.

Optimal quality

Improve your lead times and data quality. And thus, also the quality towards your customers.

No risk

Check out all the advantages of our services for a manageable fixed price taking our offer “ValueData Mining Sprint”. You decide how to proceed.


With the open technology of our ValueData Miner, we are able to connect all IT systems in your company - completely independent of the technology used.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just contact our team.

    • What is Process Mining?

      Process Mining is a analytical methodology to discover business processes within your data, visualize them and let you understand how your business really works.

    • Why does Process Mining matter?

      Business nowadays is very complex. In our opinion too complex to understand what is really going on, especially when your company have reached a specific size. Within this complexity, you can raise enormous potentials by better understanding your business processes and see where unnecessary manual tasks are being done or where potential bottleneck inhibit your company from further growing.

    • Do my employees need to learn a new software product?

      No, not really. Our Process Mining Solution is completely build on top of Microsoft PowerBI.

    • We do not use Microsoft PowerBI, but I`m nevertheless interested in the Process Miner. Is there a way to use in anyway?

      Yes, you can still use the process miner via our process-portal platform. We would be happy to show you. Just get in touch with us.

    • What Systems and Databases are supported?

      Through the underlying power of the Microsoft Power Platform, all relevant systems and databases are supported. If something is not supported out-of-the-box, our data engineers are absolutely able to build a individual solution for your needs.

    • Process Mining sounds extremely complex to me.

      Process Mining indeed can be pretty complex. But we took away this complexity for you and broke it down to a nice visualization within PowerBI.

    • Sounds expensive... Is it?

      No, it`s not. By focussing on the real key drivers, we built a product which is absolutely affordable for every company. Just contact us to get a individual offer.

    • Can I have a live demo?

      Yes, sure. That`s what we are here for. Just contact us via the contact form.